Traveler in October 2017 - a Three Strike mustang purchased from BLM.

Mustang Lives Matter

Mustang Lives MatterMustang Lives MatterMustang Lives Matter

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Available For Adoption

Available For Adoption

MHBS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that offers sanctuary to equines at risk of slaughter, particularly mustangs.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM ) is rounding up and warehousing thousands of wild horses and burros every year.  But, there are limited homes available for them.  Wild horses have many fears to overcome in order to live in a domestic environment.  Their reactions to fear are often misunderstood and taken for aggression.  This results in stronger and more dominating methods to "train" them. This increases their fear reactions of flight or fight.  Often, they wind up at auctions and then slaughter plants because they cannot be safely handled or ridden.  Horse slaughter is even more brutal than cattle slaughter because when the stun gun is shot at their faces intending to knock them unconscious, horses typically move their head and are not rendered unconscious.  Often, they suffer facial bone fractures when the bolt from the stun gun misses.  And, they are conscious through the slaughter process. 


MHBS started with a homeless, older burro, Rosie who had minimal handling.   Shortly afterward, MHBS purchased two "three strike" mustangs from the BLM (Traveler and Red Cloud).  Three strike mustangs are considered unadoptable and/or have been passed over for adoption at three events. Sometimes, they have been adopted out and returned due to difficulty in handling.


In later 2018 and early 2019, MHBS fostered a young horse that had been seized by law enforcement due to neglect and then a burro whose elderly owner could not longer care for her.  Both were owned by another equine sanctuary that needed help to care for them.  MHBS provided basic groundwork skills and colt starting for the foster horse and some basic handling for the burro.


Available For Adoption

Available For Adoption

Available For Adoption

Currently Available For Adoption:

Red Cloud is  a handsome six year old sorrel gelding, about  14.3 hands.   He has some fear issues.

Traveler is a  handsome six year old bay about 13.5 hands high.   He was started in training as a riding horse but he  needs more work..  Will return to professional trainer as funds become available.

Rosie is a  jenny about a 18+ years old burro (donkey) and about 11 hands high.  Carlita is fostered for another rescue. Rosie and Carlita clearly enjoy each others company.   Rosie has a metabolic disorder but does not require medications,  Carlita has founder.  Both are expected to be long term residents. 

Adopted -   A two year old paint gelding!!! He completed colt starting and when three years old will be ready for training as a saddle horse.   We wish him a long and happy and healthy life with his new family!!


Plans for 2020

Available For Adoption

Plans for 2020

Spring Fund Drive - for costs of professional training for horses to be safe riding mounts. This is very costly but we want horses to be calm and reliable riding horses with a soft mouth.    

Our goal for 2020 is  to have raise funds for saddle training on two mustangs and to find loving and forever homes for them.


Huge THANK YOU for our donors who help make better lives for our horses.

Needs: we need a two horse tandem trailer or stock trailer and money to pay for experienced training for the horses.

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