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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that offers a safe home for equines, particularly mustangs, as our funding permits.  Our largest expenses are training and feed.  Mustangs need to be gentled,  then taught good groundwork skills to be safe for daily handling, and then taught to carry a rider safely.  We are also caring for a tow year old who is too young to ride and an older burro with laminitis.

Available For Adoption


Red Cloud is  a handsome five year old sorrel gelding, about  15 hands.   He has good basic ground skills although he still cautious around new people.   He has displayed aggression as a result of fear during training. He is not yet rideable. 

Traveler is a  handsome bay about 14 hands high.  He has Spainish mustang bloodlines and good collection.  He learns quickly and seems to enjoy interacting with handlers and learning new things.   He requires a skilled rider.

Rosie is a darling jenny about 10 - 12 years old and about 11 hands high.  She has a calming influence on the horses and clearly enjoys their company. 

Smooth is a two year old paint.  He was seized by local authorities from a neglectful situation.  He is in rehabilitation and not yet available for adoption.

We Are Grateful To Our Supporters. We Cannot Help These Equines Without Their Generous Support.


Our journey has been rewarding.  We learned a lot about horses, training and their care along the way.  For those of you who think about adopting a wild horse, we encourage but caution you.  They are fearful of humans and it takes a lot of patience to build their trust gently.  Our equines had not been handled very much/at all when they arrived.  It took a great deal of time to help the mustangs settle in because of thier fears.   Smooth, a domestic horse, was already used to everyday sounds, dogs, tractors and multiple people.  

It took a very long time to be able to walk up to one of the Mustangs and touch it, or have them approach us and sniff out clothing, Smooth, on the other hand constantly invaded our space, in the beginning.    

Please donate to our training costs and cost of equipment and supplies.  We are an all volunteer organization.   We rely on donations to care for and train our horses.  

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