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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that offers sanctuary to equines,  We recognize that not all horses are ridable due to age, health related issues or fear. . Nevertheless, they are worthy of a good life as a pasture pal.    

Each horse and burro here as their own story and their own personality.  They relate to us in their individual ways.   They have accepted us into their herd (family) and enjoy our company. 


The organization started with a homeless, older burro, Rosie, who did not seem to have been handled at all.  Shortly afterward, the organization purchased two "three strike" wild horses from the Bureau of Land Management (Traveler and Red Cloud).  Three strike mustangs include horses that have been adopted and returned or are found to be more resistant to handling and considered not adoptable.  These mustangs wanted no part of domestic life.  

In the following year, a yearling, Smooth, that had been seized by local law enforcement was acquired to keep him from going to auction to be sold for meat.  Unlike the mustangs, he was super friendly like a puppy, He was curious, respectful and tried very hard to do whatever we asked of him.  He only became difficult when we were training him to pick up his feet and get him ready for a farrier.  A few times he stomped on our feet.  But, with time, he came around.

In 2019,  Carlita, a sadly neglected, unwanted older burro with founder and hooves that curled upward came to us. . She walked with a very pronounced limp due to pain. But, with good veterinary and farrier care, she has improved and can walk around the pasture. 

Their Stories


Red Cloud is  a handsome five year old sorrel gelding, about  15 hands.   On day two, he unlocked his paddock gate, galloped across the pasture and was preparing to jump a six foot fence until a truck drove past.  He owned the pasture and chased the cats and dogs out.  He tried to chase us out too.  When in closed quarters, he initially displayed aggression including charging, threatening to bite and energetic resistance.  One trainer declined to work with him due to his aggression.  Another trainer could not accomplish his training goals due to his :dangerous" aggression and resistance.  A third trainer said he was the most dangerous horse she worked with, but she gentled him and started him on groundwork.  Thank you Jerilyn Caldwell, level 3 Parelli Trainer!! We have continued his training using Natural Horsemanship techniques and calm, respectful leadership.  He has overcome most of his fears.  In fact, he stands well for a farrier and was calm and quiet with the veterinarian. He has good ground skills.  

Traveler is a  handsome bay about 13.5 hands high.  He has Spanish mustang bloodlines with a warm blood temperment.  He learns quickly and seems to enjoy interacting with handlers and learning new things.   

Rosie is a darling jenny about  12 - 15 years old and about 11 hands high.  She has a calming influence on the horses and Carlita and clearly enjoys their company.   She loves to be groomed and have her neck scratched.  She stands still for the farrier.

Smooth is a two year old paint.  He was seized by local authorities from a neglectful situation.  He is too young to ride but has been started with a bareback saddle.   He really likes people and is very social.  He is inquisitive and must know what is going on.  He challenged the tractor to stay our of his pasture and then decided to follow it around and keep his eye on it. He is also the first one to mealtime.

Carlita is a 15+ year old burro.   Her health and ability to get around increased dramatically, However, she still needs to lie down and be off her feet a lot during the day. Founder is not curable. It is the result of the coffin bone moving out of place.  

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Our wish list includes funds for additional training under saddle; a used horse trailer; and expanded run in sheds.  In addition, we need summer blankets, another halter and feed, supplements and hay.. 

Please donate to our organization to help these equines and to help more in the future.  

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