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Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that offers a safe home for equines as our funding permits.  Our largest expenses are training and feed.  Mustangs need to be gentled,  then taught good groundwork skills to be safe for daily handling.  Next is training to ride which is critical to adoption success.  This requires a professional horse trainer. 

As the government rounds up more wild horses and overbreeding produces more and more horses, tens of thousands of healthy American horses are sent to auctions and purchased for slaughter for the international meat trade and pet food.  Basic training increases the chances of a healthy horse to find a good home. But, training is costly. 

Adoptable Equines

Red Cloud is  a handsome four year old sorrel gelding, about  15.2 hands and muscular.  He would make a good cattle/ranch horse. as he is dominant.  He has good basic ground skills although still a little fearful of some strangers.  He  is not suitable for beginners.    

Traveler is a  handsome bay about 14.5 hands high.  He has Spainish mustang bloodlines and good collection.  He learns quickly and seems to enjoy interacting with handlers and learning new things.

Rosie is a darling jenny about 10 - 12 years old.  She would be a good companion for a lonely horse.    When Rosie arrived at the sanctuary she was fearful of humans and could not be touched.  Her hooves were so long she had a hard time walking.  Now she likes to be groomed; naps while the farrier trims her feet and has a calming influence on the horses.   She would be well suited for the single horse and is an easy keeper.  

Smooth is a two year old paint gelding.  He likes people, is quick to learn and greets us at the gate in the morning.  He is has not been abused or mishandled and not particularly fearful of strangers.  He learns quickly and is kind and calm and willing.  

Operating Costs are High. Please Help.

We are not horse trainers and our budget for training is challenging.  Also, Smooth came in with  rain rot and a severe upper respiratory condition.  We thought we would loose him.  He is overcoming his medical problems and gaining weight.  He is quickly learning good groundwork skills but is too young for riding.  He will need training to be a riding horse when he is three years old.  He is about 15/2 hands high. 

Please join us and help one horse at a time.   

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